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Feel the rhythm

Learn how we traditionally express ourselves in music

In Jamaica, there’s always a reason to dance. Whether you’re celebrating, or just walking down the street, you’ll find us Jamaicans swaying to the beat. Find out where our moves come from.

In Jamaica, dancing is part of our daily lives. We dance everywhere and for all occasions - for worship, cultural celebrations, formal events, social gatherings and to tell stories. When there’s music, our hips start to sway, hands clap and the whole family from young to old, move to the island beat.

If you treat yourself to an evening in a local club or HQ, you’ll discover many new dance moves. You can bet that every time you visit Jamaica, there will be a new style to try.

The Edna Manley School of Dance, the National Dance Theatre Company and other well-known groups keep Jamaica’s dance tradition alive with regular shows. Often the themes of their performances explore the works of Jamaican composers and artistes. They have received both local and international acclaim, exposing our dance forms to our people and the world.

For us, dancing is about expression and we recommend that you try a few moves whilst on holiday. To live is to dance, so enjoy!

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