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Who we are

Our people are the life and soul of the island

The people make Jamaica, and Jamaica makes the people. Find out about the mesh of cultures and influences that have made us who we are today, and the people who call the island, home.

We’re a naturally warm and friendly bunch, welcoming tourists with huge smiles, and open arms. As a culture, we prefer to laugh than cry, dance than stand still, and express ourselves rather than hold back. Our complex past, marked by slavery and the struggle for independence, has made us proud, resilient and strong. Now we’re celebrated for our music, sport and art.


Our official language is English, which we speak in our unique Jamaican accent. But our street language is patois, which suits our personalities and sense of fun perfectly. A sing-song dialect, influenced by English and African languages, patois is easy to pick up and enjoyable to learn. 

Discover More Jamaican Culture

There are so many ways to feel inspired on the island of All Right