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Words and phrases

A couple of great sayings to help get you in the island mood

Learn a few of our favorite words and phrases to really get you in the vibe for a Jamaican trip. They can only come in handy here, too.

Wha’appen? (What’s up?) - greeting used among friends.

Nuff (Plenty) - used to represent volumes…of just about anything; also to describe an overbearing personality, e.g. “Memba fi buy nuff tings” at the craft market (Remember to buy lots of things); “How da gyal so nuff?” (Why is that girl so overbearing?)

Bashment (Excitement/Party) - used as a noun, adjective, adverb, e.g. “Mi a go a ‘bashment’” (I am going to an exciting event), “Im roll up inna one bashment car” (He arrived in an impressive vehicle), “What a bashy piece a outfit yu wearing!” (The outfit you’re wearing is gorgeous!)

Rhaatid!  (Wow!) - used as an expression, adjective or to intensify, e.g. “Rhaatid, di gate drop down” (Wow, the gate fell), “She get a rhaatid lick” (She got a bad hit), “A figet di mango to rhaatid” (Oh no! I forgot the mango).

Walk Good  (Good bye, take care, safe travels) - departing salutation, issued with good wishes.

Anancy (Anansi): The principal character in many Jamaican folk tales, Anancy, a spider, is shrewd and cunning. The name is now generally used for a spider.

Bammy: Flat round ‘pancake-looking’ bread made from grated cassava from which the bitter juice has been extracted.

Bankra: Basket made from straw or wicker.

Blabba mout : Person who talks too much.

Cho-Cho: Small pear-shaped vegetable often cream or green in color also known as chayote.

Criss: Jamaican expression meaning “Pretty;” “fine;” or “okay.”

Finnicky: Flighty; jumpy.