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The Glorious Game

It may be soccer but the thrill is just the same

Take time out to see the play of passion, agility and speed in a football championship match or a high school league game. Identify the emerging stars, join in a scrimmage match or simply enjoy the time at play - its all right!



Football has been ingrained into our nation’s culture since it was introduced by the British at the end of the 19th century. Certainly the most popular sport on the island, it is enjoyed by just about every Jamaican, irrespective of social class, gender or age. On any given afternoon, especially during the weekend, a trip around the island will find groups gathered on fields, beaches or even in the streets engaged in scrimmage (informal games). There are several formal competitions held throughout the year from the National Premier League to secondary school leagues, where athletes compete for prizes and bragging rights.

Jamaica’s biggest success in football came when we became the first English speaking Caribbean country to qualify for the FIFA World Cup. Jamaica’s football team, affectionately called The Reggae Boyz, has helped our nation to unearth some talented football players. The love of the game continues through a new generation of exceptional Jamaican footballers. You can watch them at play on many football playgrounds across the island.